Cabinet Mysteriis - Escape Game

In Quebec City, right by the university campus lies a strange and marvelous place. Under the guise of an escape game, Cabinet Mysteriis is on a mission to make you live a unique immersive experience that will take you out of this world, literally!


Whether it be as a couple, with friends, family or colleagues, the brave ones will be locked in groups of 2 to 6 in a scenario that will require communication, cooperation and ingenuity in order to go through the challenges that await inside and reach victory!

Prizes and recognition

The Exhibits

Screaming metal

From the ruins of the Apocalypse a new world was born, a world of scraps, fire and blood. The lucky ones died in the blast. Survivors in an irradiated wasteland, you roam the desolate expanse in search of water to survive and gas to drive…

The Dreamwalkers

You are on a mission for the order of the Dreamwalkers, an order as ancient as human being’s ability to dream. These lucid dreamers have an oath to protect the dream world and ours from the denizens of the nightmares that try to plunge humans into tormented and eternal sleep…

2002 : A Bovine Odyssey

In the faraway future of 2002, you are wakened up in the middle of the night by some strange lights in the starlight sky and by the scared mooing of your beloved dwarf cow, Marguerite. As you come to the window, you can see that it has been beefnapped by an extraterrestrial entity…

Magnum Opus (16 years and older)

A few weeks ago, the curator-art restorer of the Cabinet Mysteriis, Léon Wallace, started to work on a new piece for the collection. This “Ultimate artwork” – as he called it – obsessed him such that he no longer comes out of its office, where he shut himself with the painting.

Nobody has seen him for days and weird sounds can be heard from his office…

Who are we addressing to?


To the urban explorers

If you are part of those that can never get enough of new experiences or think you have seen everthing in town,  we make it our mission to surprise and amaze you.


To friends and family

Cabinet Mysteriis welcomes all with a sense of adventure! If you are looking to experience an extraordinary excursion with your friends or family,  we will be more than happy to welcome you!


To puzzle and games afficionados

Come apply the skills you have honed in the comfort of your home in life sized scenarios! Compare your performance with your friends!


To businesses and colleagues

Escape games are comprised of stimulating and accessible exercices in communication and logic. What better way to reinforce team spirit amongst colleagues!

General informations

15 en chiffre

We ask you to arrive
15 minutes in advance

60 en chiffre

The duration of an
exhibit is 60 minutes

10 en chiffre

Plan also 10 minutes
of debriefing


Pricing: 30$ plus taxes

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Social networks

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  • L'odyssée bovine était super drôle, avec un bon mélange histoire et énigme. Les decors sont beau et crédibles. Il y a une logique dans les énigmes et les façons de les résoudre. Nous avons pas vu le temps passé. Que des bons ponts Spécial merci à notre Game Master Yakary qui a supporté mes blagues nulles 😅

    Aleksandra Tretyak Avatar Aleksandra Tretyak
    June 18, 2023
  • Les meilleurs escape game à Québec!!! Les salles sont tellement immerssives, c'est impressionnant! Et les acteurs et maîtres de jeu sont supers! Je recommande fortement! :D

    Kathleen Bélanger Avatar Kathleen Bélanger
    May 29, 2023
  • Superbe activité en famille encore une fois. Les Marcheurs de rêve étaient notre 2e expérience au Cabinet Mysteriis. Les décors sont incroyables. Les types d'énigmes sont variés et créatifs. Nous avions qu'un seul cadena à ouvrir, ce qui est rare en comparaison aux autres jeux d'évasion des compétiteurs. Bravo à toute l'équipe pour votre ingéniosité, la scénarisation, les comédiens et l'accueil. De loin la meilleure entreprise dans le domaine des jeux d'évasion à Québec. Bravo!

    Mélanie Verret Avatar Mélanie Verret
    May 23, 2023
  • Comme toujours chez Cabinet Mysteriis c'est génial! Un personnel très accueillant qui offre thé ou verre d'eau en attendant notre tour dans l'un de leur tableau. Le jeu des acteurs est toujours réussi et que dire des décors... WOW! Il me manque un seul jeu à faire là-bas et j'ai hâte de trouver un moment pour aller l'essayer.

    Caroline Lavoie Avatar Caroline Lavoie
    May 9, 2023
  • Nous y sommes allés en couple et avons adoré. Les décors sont malades et te mettent vraiment dans l'ambiance. L'histoire était très bien, les énigmes étaient réalisables et variées. Les acteurs sont vraiment crédibles. Une très belle expérience !

    Jessica Roy Avatar Jessica Roy
    April 25, 2023
  • J'ai fait l'Odyssée Bovine avec mon amie et on arrivant là, on s'attendait à rien. En arrivant, quelqu'un habillé en complet nous a ouvert la porte. À partir de ce moment, j'ai complètement été impressionné par tout ce qui a suivi. J'ai eu une excellente soirée grâce aux décors, aux énigmes et à notre maître de jeu Yacharie. Nous allons revenir c'est certain. À bientôt!

    Mélissa Siconnelli Avatar Mélissa Siconnelli
    April 3, 2023
  • Incroyable! Super belle expérience à faire en famille ou entre amis. Les énigmes sont variées et l’animation des énigmes est excellente (un gros merci à notre animateur Yackary). Les interactions avec les personnages rendent le tout vraiment plaisant. Expérience à refaire.

    Eliot Therrien Avatar Eliot Therrien
    April 1, 2023
  • Notre premier jeu d’évasion et nous avons été tellement bien servis! Des décors incroyables, des énigmes originales et super motivantes, des personnages hyper colorés, une ambiance parfaite! Nous avons tout simplement adoré! Quelle fierté d’avoir réussi l’épreuve à 8 secondes de la fin! Ferrailles hurlantes: 10/10 🤩

    Emilie Thibeault Avatar Emilie Thibeault
    March 5, 2023

Frequently asked questions

Q:   What about parking?

The parking spots for the building are free and available for all our clients. Just be careful not to parked in our neighbors reserved spots!

Q:   What about the bus?

We are easily accesible by bus, either by the 807 right in front of our adress or with a 10 Minutes walk from the Gerard Morrisset station (800, 801, 294, 295 and 107)

Q:   Pregnant and or limited mobility?

Our games may need you to crouch or go into a few tight spots. If you have limited mobility, please contact us to discuss your options.

Q:   Is your game made for children?

The games are not design for unsupervised children. Although, it is a great family activity where everyone has fun!

Q:   From what age can children play in your escape room?

We found that children 8 and up can participate and enjoy our games. Contact us if you want to discuss your situation. Please note that the price is the same for all player, regardless ot their age.

Q:   Can I bring my very young child/toddler?

For security reasons, we do not allow very young children/toddlers in our exhibits.

Q:   How should I dress for an escape room?

It is always recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes in wich you can walk, crawl and climb over objects if need be.

Q:   What items are prohibited in an escape game?

The answer varies from one place to the next, here at Cabinet Mysteriis, electronic devices such as phones, cameras, watches as well as any flammable or sharps objects are forbidden.

Q:   Should I bring my glasses?

If you need them to read, we suggest you bring them along!

Q:   Where can I put my belongings during the adventure?

We provide you with lockers as well as padlocks to keep your things secure during your visit.

Q:   Are my friends and I gonna be mixed with other people we don’t know?

No, once you have your booking, the adventure is reserved for you and your group.

Q:   English please?/Français, svp?

All our scenarios are playable in english and in french!

Q:   Experiencing difficulties with your booking?

Call us or go online to reschedule up to 24 hours before the scheduled start of your scenario.

Q:   What is your refund policy?

If you are uncertain about the date or number of participants in your group, you can always choose to pay on the spot. Beware that if you do not advise us of your absence beforehand, fee for the minimum of player in the room will be applied on your credit card.

Q:   Running late?

We ask that you show up 15 minutes before the scheduled start. If you are late, we cannot garanteed that you will be able to play or that you will have the full hour to play.

Q:   What can you do in our neighborhood?

To keep playing, we suggest la Revanche (585 boul Charest E)

To relax around some good food and craft beer we suggest le Sacrement (1380 Ch Ste-Foy)

And if you are truly starving and looking for more memorable characters and ambiance, La Chope Gobeline offer a free drink to all our players on the day of their adventure (966 René-Levesque Ouest boulevard)