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In the city of About us
Quebec About us there lies
About us a strange and

mysterious place About us

In the city of
there lies
a strange
and mysterious


Under the guise of a curiosity exhibition, Cabinet Mysteriis is on a mission to provide you with an extraordinary, immersive and playful experience that will make you feel like you’re out of this world.

Since 2018, its escape games have won awards and the hearts of teams by focusing on rich and fantastical universes. Take on the challenge, and you’ll also say that you’ve ‘experienced the impossible!’

Our guides and archivists are here to take care of you. They’ll explain the rules specific to each exhibit you’ll visit, serve you tea and tell you about our curiosities. However, when you encounter them within the exhibits, be prepared to rediscover them as colorful characters.

The universes behind the exhibits are the products of various teams of scenographers, builders, composers, cabinet makers and artists from Quebec.

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Do you enjoy embodying characters and want to become a guide for visitors at Cabinet Mysteriis? Send us your CV.