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How it works

An escape game is a group leisure experience in which you live an adventure as the heroes in immersive settings. As a team, you’ll need to use your skills of observation, logic, and cooperation to solve the problems blocking your path. Solve them all within the time limit to achieve victory!


Before your visit

Book a date, time, group size and exhibit.


15 minutes before the game

Arrive for payment, briefing and tea!


The exhibit (1h)

Fun, exploration, and discovery!


10 minutes after the game

Souvenir photos and debriefing


After your visit

Enjoy a complimentary drink at La Chope Gobline or board game session at La Revanche.

Certain conditions apply.

How to choose an exhibit?


Start by looking at which themes catch your attention and ignite your desire for adventure.


A complex challenge or a light stroll? Check if the exhibit matches your appetite for challenges!


Want to feel a bit spooked or afraid of being scared? Choose the right level of fright!

Frequently asked questions

How to book?

Reservations are made online at https://cabinetmysteriis.ca/reservation/.

No payment is required at the time of booking; credit card information is only required in case of cancellation or no-show.

If you have a passport or gift certificate, they will be validated upon your arrival.

Reservations are not mandatory, but strongly recommended to ensure we have the necessary staff and that the desired exhibit is available.

You can book up to 30 minutes before an exhibit and cancel up to 24 hours before the exhibit without any charges.

Can I modify or cancel a reservation?

In your confirmation email, you’ll find a link that allows you to modify or delete your reservation.

If you cancel your reservation more than 24 hours in advance, no charges will be applied to your credit card.

You can adjust the number of players up until the last minute since payment is taken on-site, as long as you respect the minimum and maximum requirements for each exhibit. You won’t be able to do this via the email link less than 24 hours before the game, but we can adjust the number upon your arrival.

Can I change the number of players?

Absolutely! Once the time slot is booked, it’s exclusively yours and no other group can join.

Since payment is taken on-site only, you can adjust the number of players up until the very last minute.

In your confirmation email, you’ll find a link to modify your reservation.

If the number of people is greater or less than the allowed capacity for the exhibits, please reach out to us through the chat and we’ll check what’s possible.

I have a passport or a gift certificate

If you have an Attrait Passport: proceed with the reservation as usual and present your passport upon arrival at the Cabinet. It will be validated by an employee on-site.

If you have a gift certificate, click on ‘Enter code’ at the time of booking to input your gift certificate.

If the reservation is already made, since we don’t charge anything on the credit card before your arrival, you can go back into the reservation and make the modification using the link in the confirmation email. Otherwise, we’ll use the certificate or passport on-site, on the day of your visit.

I would like to book outside of regular hours

Fill out our contact form.

I would like to bring my children with me

Our exhibits are not specifically designed for unsupervised children. In fact, it’s more of a family activity where all members can have fun!

We’ve noticed that children as young as 8 years old participate and enjoy themselves in our exhibits.

For a group including children, we recommend 2002: The Bovine Odyssey or The Dreamwalkers.

Children are subject to regular rates.

Please note that we do not accept children under 6 years old in our exhibits.

We’re a group of two

For two players, we recommend Screaming Metal or Magnum Opus.

Both Dream Walkers and 2002: A Bovine Odyssey require a minimum of 3 players.

Can the allowed number of players be exceeded in an exhibit?

We do not accept additional players in 2002: A Bovine Odyssey or in Magnum Opus due to the size of the rooms.

We can allow one additional person in The Dreamwalkers or Screaming Metal. You should consider that the games are not optimal for a group of this size, so it’s possible that some players may not participate as much in the puzzles as others.

What are your scenarios?

Screaming metal

  • 2 to 6 players
  • 3/5 difficulty
  • 3/5 fear
  • Description: This exhibit takes place in a post-apocalyptic universe where you are captured by evil marauders from whom you must escape.

The dreamwalkers

  • 3 to 7 players
  • 4/5 difficulty
  • 2/5 fear
  • Description: This exhibit takes place in a child’s dreams where you must confront nightmares to wake him up.

2002: The Bovine Odyssey

  • 3 to 5 players
  • 2/5 difficulty
  • 1/5 fear
  • Description: In this exhibit, you are farmers whose prize-winning miniature cow, Marguerite, has been abducted by aliens. You have built a spaceship in your grain silo to rescue her.

Magnum Opus (16 years and older)

  • 2 to 6 players
  • 2/5 difficulty
  • 5/5 fear
  • Description: In this exhibit, Cabinet Mysteriis’ art restorer, Léon Wallace, became obsessed with a new piece to add to the collection. This ‘Magnum Opus’’ consumed him so much that he hasn’t left his office, where he locked himself with the artwork. No one has seen him for a week, and strange sounds can be heard at all hours of the day and night.

How can I get my souvenir photo?

After your visit, you should receive an email (to the same email address used for booking) from Cabinet Mysteriis with the photo attached.

Photos are typically sent at the end of the day.

Please check your spam folder. If you can’t find the email, please contact us through the chat with the following information: exhibit, date and time. The photo will be resent to you.

What’s the optimal age of players?

Our exhibits are not specifically designed for unsupervised children. In fact, it’s more of a family activity where all members can have fun!

We’ve noticed that children as young as 8 years old participate and enjoy themselves in our exhibits.

For a group including children, we recommend 2002: A Bovine Odyssey or The Dreamwalkers.

For Magnum Opus, we recommend players to be at least 16 years of age as it is a horror game. We can accept younger players, but we do not offer refunds if players need to leave due to fear.

What is the level horror of Magnum Opus

It’s a game inspired by the Lovecraft universe and mainly depicts horror related to madness, mutilation, and ‘nameless’ monsters. There are programmed jumps throughout the game. A game master also allows you to decrease or increase the level of horror according to your preference.

There is no physical contact between game masters and players during the scenario.

We recommend players to be at least 16 years of age, but we know that each person has a different tolerance for fear, so we allow younger children to play the game. However, we do not offer refunds if a player cannot finish the game due to ‘fear’.

Can the exhibits be in english?

All of our exhibits and hosts are bilingual (English and French).

What’s the regular rate?

The price is $35 plus taxes per person.

A credit card is required for reservation purposes, but payment is made upon arrival, by debit or credit card.

We do not accept cash.

Are there any discounts for birthdays?

We don’t have discounts for birthdays. However, if you’d like to provide us with information or items for the person celebrating, we’d be happy to incorporate them into the exhibit and/or the experience!

Do you offer student discounts?

We offer a 10% discount from Sunday to Thursday during the low season upon presentation of a student ID.

Do you have any partnerships with other businesses?

We have two partnerships that offer discounts after a visit to Cabinet Mysteriis:

La Chope Gobeline (966 Boulevard René-Lévesque O) offers a complimentary drink to those who have visited our premises during the day.

La Revanche (585 Boulevard Charest E) offers access to their board game library with the purchase of a Boréale beer for up to a week after your visit at Cabinet Mysteriis.

Do you offer discounts for groups who participate in two exhibits on the same day?

We offer a 10% discount if, after your exhibit, you decide to do a second one and it is available. This discount is not offered in advance, valid for the same day only.

What is your corporate offer?

We offer corporate rates for groups of over 20 people, from Sunday to Thursday.

We can accommodate up to 25 people at the same time, in four separate exhibits.

It is possible to rent just our thematic reception area for your event.

We can also organize catering service in our premises for your event.

Additionally, we have a partnership with Bistro-Pub Le Sacrement which includes an exhibit and a set menu.

For more information, please contact us via our contact form.

Do you offer an online or at-home exhibit?

We have a murder mystery game that can be played online or in person, for 6 people.

To learn more about our game Murder & Mysteriis, visit https://meurtreetmysteriis.com/.